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The Manly Man

Hair Care & Standard Services
A Healthy mix of classic barber philosophy blended with modern style and sensibility will leave you gleaming with a new refined sense of self. Enjoy each visit with a complimentary taste of sweet elegance. *complementary beard trim with haircut*

Men’s Cut & Style $32.00         
Beard & Mustache Color $25.00 & up
Color, Cut & Style $65.00 &up
Highlights $50.00 &up
The Blow Out $85.00 &up
Scalp Treatment $25.00
Perm $50.00 &up
Mustache Trim $5.00
Beard Trim $10.00
Neck & Sides $10.00

Improve your striking features by removing any superfluous hair, giving you that sharp, well-groomed visage and physique the ladies desire. Drink to your new appeal responsibly!

Eyebrows $12.00
Arm / Full $40.00
Arm / Half $20.00
Back $55.00 & up
Chest $45.00 & up

Nail Care
Sit down for a moment or two and allow us to show you the renewed energy you will feel with a refreshing sip of our services for your hands and feet. Enjoy a type of relaxation rarely found anywhere else.

Manicure $20.00     
Spa Manicure $30.00
Pedicure $40.00
Spa Pedicure $50.00